Online Data Files

Please refer to the README file for a general description of the Lake Whatcom water quality data. Data for special studies may be included under Online PDF Reports.

The electronic data files have NOT been censored to identify values outside detection limits. It is essential that any statistical or analytical results that are generated using these data be reviewed by someone familiar with statistical uncertainty associated with uncensored data. Information on applicable detection limits, units, and parameter abbreviations is included in the Methods and Quality Control sections of each annual report.

All data files are ascii, comma-separated files.

Hydrolab/YSI Data

The hydrolab/ysi (hl) data include field measurements of dissolved oxygen, temperature, pH, conductivity, and Secchi depth.

Water Quality Data

The water quality (wq) data include results for alkalinity, turbidity, ammonia, nitrate, total nitrogen, soluble phosphate, total phosphorus, and chlorophyll analyses.

Phytoplankton and Zooplankton Data

Hydrograph Data from Anderson, Austin, and Smith Creeks

Monthly Tributary Data