Canyon Lake

Canyon Lake (Whatcom County) is located at the end of Canyon Lake Rd., off Mosquito Lake Rd. on the Mt. Baker Hwy. This shallow lake is in the Canyon Lake Creek Community Forest, a nature preserve, and is surrounded by old growth forest. The road to the lake washed out in 2009, so the the lake is only accessible by hiking 5.7 miles up the road.

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LakeKeyDateDO mg/LTemp CpHCond uS/cmChl ug/LAlk mg/LTurb NTUNH3 ug-N/LTN ug-N/LNO2+3 ug-N/LTP ug-P/LSRP ug-P/L
CanyonCAY8/26/088.7912.46.619.< 3
CanyonCAY8/26/1418.1319.5723.31.399.60.71< 10120< 105.6< 3
CanyonCAY8/10/158.3319.< 10144.9< 10< 5< 3
CanyonCAY8/16/177.9919.8722.829.60.51< 1072.5< 105.3< 3
CanyonCAY8/20/< 1087.3< 10< 5< 3