Gold Basin Pond

The Gold Basin Mill Pond is located just across from the Gold Basin campground on the Mt. Loop Hwy. The pond is part of a short interpretive trail that ends on a floating platform overlooking the pond and a nice wetland area that is a good spot to see local wildlife.

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LakeKeyDateDO mg/LTemp CpHCond uS/cmChl ug/LAlk mg/LTurb NTUNH3 ug-N/LTN ug-N/LNO2+3 ug-N/LTP ug-P/LSRP ug-P/L
Gold Basin PondGOLD7/11/167.8914.66.1165.44.70.64< 10204.924.814.6< 3
Gold Basin PondGOLD7/24/175.9924.
Gold Basin PondGOLD8/8/18NANANANA3.38.21.03< 10321< 1018.24.9