Silver Lake

Silver Lake (Whatcom County) is located in Silver Lake Park , which is just north of Maple Falls along Silver Lake Rd. The park's main draw is its 180 acre lake, where tourists flock to camp, fish, and boat, and swim. Other amenities include cabin and watercraft rentals, horse-friendly campsites and numerous day-use areas strewn throughout the park's 411 acres.

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LakeKeyDateDO mg/LTemp CpHCond uS/cmChl ug/LAlk mg/LTurb NTUNH3 ug-N/LTN ug-N/LNO2+3 ug-N/LTP ug-P/LSRP ug-P/L
SilverSIL8/28/069.3623.27.93148.4NA57.31.1319.7246.1< 1014.120.9
SilverSIL8/19/078.820.17.61415.255.30.7228.7208.8< 1015.64.9
SilverSIL9/8/097.518.98.11381.351.10.6212.3220< 108.36.7
SilverSIL9/15/109.4517.58.1141.411.650.65.8420.4584< 10157.6
SilverSIL8/29/117.721.97.8149.84.858.50.82< 10218< 105.95.4
SilverSIL8/28/128.520.27.9145.41.356.30.7911.3229< 1013.28.1
SilverSIL8/5/138.423.37.9138.12.552.80.928< 10212.6< 1010.4< 3
SilverSIL8/5/148.8825.38.514319.7255.13.88< 10295< 1019.8< 3
SilverSIL8/11/159.4522.88.4146.52.955.91.01< 10222.3< 109< 3
SilverSIL8/10/168.6719.77.41522.5500.74616.3344.8< 1011.4< 3