Sunrise Lake

Sunrise Lake (Whatcom County) is an alpine lake located in the Mt. Baker recreational area on the road to Heather Meadows. The tiny, shallow lake (pond) is across the road from the Heather Meadows Lodge, and offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains.

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LakeKeyDateDO mg/LTemp CpHCond uS/cmChl ug/LAlk mg/LTurb NTUNH3 ug-N/LTN ug-N/LNO2+3 ug-N/LTP ug-P/LSRP ug-P/L
SunriseSRZ8/28/128.716.4711.< 10136< 10< 5< 3
SunriseSRZ8/19/138.216.4715.< 10313.8< 1023.8< 3
SunriseSRZ9/17/148.3616.< 1028021.915.1< 3
SunriseSRZ8/11/157.3519.< 10399.8< 1019.7< 3
SunriseSRZ8/10/168.417.3733.< 10259.5< 1013.9< 3
SunriseSRZ8/14/177.8518.47.2147.25.41.2< 10200.8< 1013.64.1